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In a world where everyone from the butcher and the baker to the candlestick maker has an online presence, you need your website design to be right.

It’s easier than ever before to create your own site using tools like WordPress, Weebly, Wix and Webydo – and easier than ever before to get it wrong.

There’s no point having a site if it’s tough to navigate, or doesn’t load properly, or if people don’t find it.

By using an experienced web designer, you’re guaranteed to come out with a site that’s got your identity stamped all over it, is easy to use, and makes customers not only want to come back but recommend that their friends do too.

I can design you a simple, easy-to-use website, whether that’s a one-page “shop window” with opening times and basic information – or a multi-section site with blogs, galleries, news and more. I will also make sure it is updated regularly so that potential new customers aren’t put off by out-of-date information.

My writing experience also means that readers won’t notice that the content has been specifically tailored to make sure it gets noticed on Google using the SEO keywords vital to any successful site.

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