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Case study: CEJ Contractor Accountants

About the client

CEJ is an accountancy firm in West Kirby, Wirral, which specialises in contractor accountancy. In the main, its clients work as contractors for large corporations such as banks on flexible short-term contracts, allowing them to pursue other careers or leisure activities such as travelling. CEJ sets them up as individual limited companies, which allows them to make the most money possible during those working months, and offers many more services besides – such as help with bookkeeping, VAT, tax returns and many more.

What the client wanted

The CEJ website had long included a blog section but it wasn’t being updated as often as the company wanted, partly due to time constraints.  CEJ wanted someone to write blogs on a variety of subjects, from VAT to Fantasy Football, in a way which would reflect the company’s personality and appeal to its clients. It wanted blogs which were short, sharp, snappy and never boring, even when they were being written about the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement or new laws on contracting.

How it works

Every 2-3 weeks I spend an hour or so in the CEJ office and together we thrash out the subjects for the next four blogs. They have included new legislation relevant to CEJ clients, the company going out on the road and giving away free ice cream, the advantages of using the CEJ app and, most recently, profile pieces with company clients who have interesting second careers – including a celebrated chef, the bassist in an established rock band and a film producer.

The briefs are occasionally detailed – such as when the subject is changes to IR35, a vital piece of legislation for contractors – but generally fairly loose, with the company trusting me to make the blog readable, understandable and light-hearted.

I also advise of other PR opportunities arising from business activities – such as when the office was converted into a miniature football stadium to watch Liverpool FC in the Europa League Final, a story which made it into the Liverpool Echo.

I also helped write the company’s entry for the 2016 Wirral Business Awards, which led to it being shortlisted in the Financial & Professional Services section.

End result

The blogs can be read on the CEJ website here.


Andrew is a really approachable, talented guy who has an amazing ability to convert an hour’s rambling conversation to a handful of expertly written blog posts.  For us at CEJ, he has given us an opportunity to keep our clients informed about mundane tax issues in a fun way.

Bryan Jackson, Managing Director, CEJ Contractor Accountants


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