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Keeping going when business isn’t booming

Andrew Greenhalgh Blog Business Website Design Copywriting Wirral
Are you running your own business? If so, why? It's a serious question, especially if you're just getting started or just about to. It's a serious question because when, not if, but when you encounter difficulties with your business, your reasons for getting started in the first place will be part of what keeps you going. For me it wasn't as much about why I started my business as why...
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Five things I’ve learned in business

Five Things I've Learned in Business by Andrew Greenhalgh Design and Communications
Seven months after leaving the Liverpool Echo, I started my own business in July 2015. I am a writer and designer and I work for schools, charities and businesses; what I write and what I design is largely up to them. Some days I am a graphic designer, other days I am a blog writer, other days I am a web designer. I turn my hand to pretty much anything that involves writing or designing and j...
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