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Public relations, or PR, is about sharing your success and managing your failures.

PR consultants, sometimes known as spin doctors, are used the world over to help businesses small and large tell everybody else either how great they are and why they are not quite as bad as everyone says.

You might not think you need anybody to manage your public relations, but the best way to make sure other people hear about all the good work you do is by having an experienced professional on board.

Whatever your organisation – whether you’re a church, small business, school, charity, football team or something else entirely – I can find the good news stories that will put your name about.

I can work to a very specific brief or advise on the best way to gain maximum publicity for your organisation and tailor the copy perfectly. I can write just as a reporter would, advise on what kind of pictures will give your story the best profile and even take them if needs be.

My journalism experience – I have worked for the Liverpool Echo, Manchester Evening News, Daily Post, Newcastle Chronicle, Middlesbrough Gazette and the Western Mail – means I have excellent contacts in the media and can advise on the best forum for each and every story.

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